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Located on the black seaboard, surrounded by the Caucasian mountains, Georgia is a home of viniculture and viticulture. It is well-known for various sorts of grapes. Georgia is an agricultural country and as soon as it orientated to Europe, The Khvitia family decided to establish “Gileni” wine-vault.

In 2003, in Kakheti region, Sagarejo, namely, on the right bank of the river Iori (territory of Talakha), the family cultivated several sorts of grapes (Rkatsiteli, Saperavi, Tita, Mtsvane) and still keeps on the expansion of their vineyard.

It goes without saying that Georgian wines are famous for their best quality and taste. The family inquired into the matter and decided to export their wines to Europe and for this, “Gileni” wine-vault uses modern methods and continues to embed the newest technologies.

“Gileni” factory is equipped with European plants. The company pays great attention to defend Georgian wine culture and traditions. Combination of experiences, traditions and modern technologies is the best way of preparing unforgettably tasty sparkling wine. Nowadays, company exports products in Russia and in central Asia.

"Gileni" particiapted in the exhibition SIAL CHINA 2018, found partners in Shanghai and plans to export its' products and collaborate with Chinese market. This year, we are also participating in IFE London exhibition and we are planning to start operating on European market.

"Gileni"'s wine assortment: Rkatsiteli (White Dry ), Saperavi ( Red Dry ), Mtsvane (White Dry ), Alazani Valley (Red Semi-Sweet), Alazani Valley (White Semi-Sweet), Aguna (Rose Semi Dry), Tsinandali (White Dry), Kindzmarauli (Red Semi- Sweet), Pirosmani (White Semi Dry) etc. Company is able to produce different types of wines (also Georgian Vodka "Chacha") depending on the order with the label requested (customized label).